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Adrian, Andrea, Dani and Gaby

When we first talked about starting the house hunting in earnest, we knew it would have to be at the right time and with help from the right folks. Fortunately for us, we were blessed to have both. Bret & Lisa were the perfect realtors and they helped find the perfect home for our family. We heard a lot of strange stories from our friends about their realtors. Our experience was quite the opposite. It was actually quite exciting and enjoyable. Bret/Lisa were extremely patient in hearing what we had to say, they understood what we were looking for, showed us some good homes and were prompt in responding to our questions. We even benefited from their advice and unique perspective on each of the houses. They did a great job with negotiating a great deal, helping with the home inspection and numerous other things that went into closing the deal. I don’t know if realtors are supposed to do this much. Bret/Lisa definitely set a high bar. They have a genuine passion for their work and it was our pleasure to work with them. Thank you Bret/Lisa.