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Beauchamp & Mustafa GA

Dear Bret,

Within five months, the beginning of a transition – and the completion of an important transition. You have been instrumental in this happening – outstanding in your competence, in your professionalism, in your even-temperedness throughout the days of this journey. I use ‘out-standing’ not lightly. In the presence of this too often selected descriptor, you have ‘stood’ ‘out’ above your peers, above the peers with whom we have worked though our thirty years or transitioning between homes. You have been thoughtful in your consideration of our needs, articulate and gracious about the stresses and strains encountered with the realities and unrealities of the buyers and their representatives, and very, very kind. You have advised well and negotiated well. You have represented our value and the sacredness of our home in the face of those yet to learn abut this.
Michael and I are most grateful. Thank you.

Ellen and Michael

Service provided: Listed & Sold a Single Family home for approximately $1.15M