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Redmond Watershed Preserve – Harnessing the Beauty and Recreational Opportunities

One of the best things about living in the Pacific Northwest is all of the outstanding outdoor recreational opportunities that it provides. Residents of Seattle’s Eastside communities are particularly lucky to live close to the popular Redmond Watershed Preserve. Encompassing 800 acres, this preserve is a gem of the Seattle metropolitan area. Here is what you need to know about this outdoor paradise and how you can take advantage of all that it offers visitors and locals.

About the Preserve

What was originally intended to be used as a source of water for the community, the Redmond Watershed Preserve is now a beautiful nature preserve that is open to the public for outdoor recreational use. The focus of the preserve in modern times is to protect the animals that call this area home through the care and support of the natural habitats.

The wooded area includes a wide array of habitats and ecological systems, including wetlands and ponds. Visitors can expect to discover a diverse mix of trees such as maples, cedars, Douglas firs, and more. The peaceful experience will immerse you in chirping birds and fresh air.

Things to Do While Visiting the Trails of the Redmond Watershed Preserve

Regardless of how you like to spend time outdoors, you will find something enjoyable to do while visiting the preserve. The trails of the Redmond Watershed Preserve are designed for a multitude of purposes, including hiking, biking, and horseback riding. There are a number of regional trails that traverse through the preserve, connecting you with other recreational areas. In addition, you will find an underground natural gas line with a pipeline regional trail on top that runs from the north to the south through the center of the park.

The preserve boasts over seven miles of trails. However, some trails are designed for specific uses, making it important that you choose the route for how you plan on enjoying it. For example, the Trillium Trail is designated for hikers and equestrians while the Siler’s Mill Trail is only for hikers. You will find markings at the intersection of each trail to help you to navigate the network.

Watershed Preserve Logistics

The Watershed Preserve is located off of Novelty Hill Road on the eastern edge of Redmond. A parking lot is big enough for approximately 40 vehicles. There is also room for horse trailers in this lot, making it easy to go horseback riding. Visitors to the preserve will also enjoy amenities such as restroom facilities and picnic tables. Be sure to grab a brochure with the trail map at the signboard located near the parking lot.

Note that with the exception of horses, pets are not allowed at the preserve. There are also no smoking, fires, and firearms allowed on the grounds.