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The Woodinville Arts Alliance – Explore Art

One of the best things about living in Woodinville Washington is the support that the community provides to the arts and cultural scene. This lovely suburb on Seattle’s Eastside continually demonstrates its love and support for the arts through the Woodinville Arts Alliance.


The Woodinville Arts Alliance was established in 2017 in an effort to promote and support the arts in the Woodinville area. The non-profit organization is funded through a variety of avenues, including private donations, corporate sponsorships, and the City of Woodinville Tourism Grants. The alliance is governed by a leadership team and a board of directors. Through its governing team and members, the alliance seeks to promote the appreciation of the arts within the community.


One of the key initiatives of the alliance is to hold a variety of arts events that are open and accessible to the community. A highlight of the year is the annual art studio tour. The 2021 event is scheduled for May 15 and 16.

The alliance also offers quarterly art walks, offering patrons the opportunity to enjoy beautiful art from a myriad of talented artists. The pieces are also available for purchase. While the art walks are usually offered through an in-person viewing experience, the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis has moved these events to the virtual format. Elevate your browsing by purchasing drinks from a bevy of supporting local wineries and breweries. You do not even need to leave your home to see the best art that Woodinville Washington has to offer.


The Woodinville Arts Alliance is not limited to adult participation. The Woodinville Teens Art Alliance is a select group of teenagers who are chosen to represent the community in a special council. Each position lasts one year and gives the students the chance to organize and implement a community event. Throughout the learning experience, the teenagers in the group will gain valuable information and encouragement from mentors and other professionals throughout the area.


In an effort to stay up to date on the latest events and news, the alliance invites you to sign up to receive the special electronic newsletter. Published four to six times per year in a digital format, this newsletter will ensure that you are informed about meetings, events, and more throughout the Woodinville area and beyond.


Patrons of the arts can join the alliance and feel good about giving back to the Woodinville Washington community. It only costs $39 per year to become a member. With this membership, you will enjoy discounts on events as well as the chance to show and sell your own personal pieces of artwork.