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Things to do in Woodinville, WA

It’s simple to know what to do in major cities, but sometimes one wants to visit a town that is smaller, historically significant and unique. There are a plethora of reasons that one might lead one to visit Woodinville, Washington. Whatever the reasons, it’s comforting that there are many enriching, exciting and memorable activities to partake in when visiting this city in King County. It’s not too hard to find out Things to do in Woodinville WA with a bit of research!

One of the attractions is the beautiful vineyard called the Chateau Ste. Michelle located in t1141 Northeast 145th, Woodinville, Washington. Those that visited felt that the winery was beautiful and completely worthwhile as it offered a tour and wine samples. It’s imperative to know that one should sign up ahead of time for the tour. It enables ones to observe the process of making wine. An individual or visit family has the option to ship a case back to their home state where applicable by local laws. The ambiance is said to be warm and spacious.

The Red Hook Brewery is a gorgeous locale at 14300 NE 145th Street in Woodinville, Washington. Those who visited took note of the unique architectural design and the delicious menu at the restaurant which offered foods like barbeque wings, corn dip, and burrata sandwiches. It has more of a pub feel, but it’s oriented towards families of all ages. The steamed Penn Cove Mussels were highly recommended as well as the seared salmon couscous. The tour of the brewery included an extended history lecture, museum artifacts, and a variety of beer.

Woodinville, Washington is home to many historic areas that are a splendid mixture of today and the past. The Woodinville Heritage Museum features an old-style homestead that is filled with curious and collections that showcase the vibrant history. The Woodinville Heritage Museum is at 14121 NE 171st Street and has been aptly named a gem in the city due to its recent restorations and opened community space. The museum harbors a Bible that the Woodin family owned, as well as a quilt made by Susan Woodin herself. Antique children’s toys can be spotted here as well. The Heritage Society is friendly and is open to families and children alike. The children are even treated to a special scavenger hunt to keep them engaged within the historic area.

The Zipline and Aerial Adventure Parks in Woodinville is an adrenaline-packed activity. Only thirty minutes away from Seattle, this Adventure Park offers impressive, breath-taking climbing experiences and a plethora of obstacles that are of varying challenging feats. There are activities of the traverse and zip lines as well. Even though advanced reservations are required, those who have visited this Adventure Park felt safe and not hurried. Staff in attendance catered to the individual need without putting any unnecessary pressure or stress on the guests.

The Paradise Valley Conservation Area at 23210 Paradise Lake Road in Woodinville Wa has been known as an excellent place for families to hike at various fitness levels. It has been described as peaceful, quiet, and meditative. There are biking and hiking trails available, as well as horseback riding paths. Though the signage throughout the park can be improved, and amidst the rare sighting of a bear, this walk in the woods is entirely free and has a large area of new forest with many alders and sword fern. Furry, four-legged friends are allowed, and since the trails are customizable, and connected, one can’t get lost. The trailhead does have room for about twenty cars, so while parking is limited, it would be prudent to plan a trip to the park and arrive before 9:30 in the morning.

Woodinville WA is full of natural, history and entertaining resources that are sure to please an individuals, couples or a family who is looking for a change from the ordinary. There are so many things to do in Woodinville WA , and with a bit of advanced planning, a memorable time is sure to be had.