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Woodinville Warehouse District Brings the Energy and the Fun

Nestled into Seattle’s Eastside suburbs, the Woodinville Warehouse District is a major tourist destination that deserves a spot on your list of weekend plans. The idyllic city of Woodinville features a number of wine tasting districts with the Warehouse District being one of the most popular. One of the biggest perks of calling Woodinville Washington home is the proximity to this energetic district. Here is what you need to know for your visit.

Woodinville Warehouse District Location

The collection of warehouses is conveniently situated on the hill overlooking Woodinville, just off Highway 522 and Interstate 405. You can reach this lively district in about 30 minutes when traveling from Seattle. The district is also equidistant between Bellevue and Everett, allowing you to reach it in about 20 minutes from each of these destinations. Residents of Redmond and Kirkland are only about 15 minutes away from all of the fun. In addition to all of the offerings within walking distance of the warehouses, you can also get to downtown Woodinville in just five minutes.


With over 70 wineries packed into this district, you will find exactly what you are looking for in a wine tasting experience. In fact, the district boasts the distinction of housing more boutique wineries on a per square foot basis than any other wine region on the planet.

Sit back and enjoy the various family-owned and operated wineries that dot the landscape of this area of Woodinville. Patterson Cellars is a local favorite with its wide variety of vintages. Other popular wineries include William Church Winery, Gorman Winery, Davenport Cellars, Matthews Winery, Sparkman Cellars, and more.

Not Just Wine

While wine is definitely the star of the show in the Woodinville Warehouse District, there is also an abundance of drinking options for those who want something different. Triplehorn Brewery is the king of the land with a large outdoor and indoor area welcoming visitors. Just around the corner, you will find 20 Corners Brewing, offering a full-service menu along with its award-winning craft beer. Other breweries in the district include Dirty Bucket Brewing Co. and Bosk Brew Works. Cider aficionados will appreciate the offerings at venues such as Locust Cider. For something harder, check out the JP Trodden Distillery or Pacific Distillery.


All that wine tasting is sure to make you work up an appetite. The good news is that there are plenty of dining options in this bustling district. For something quick to eat while on the go, you cannot go wrong with the Shake N’ Go, serving up burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, creamy shakes, and more. If you want to end your day of wine tasting on an indulgent note, head up the road to Italianissimo. This local favorite offers upscale Italian food in an intimate setting. Triplehorn Brewery is also home to a rotating selection of food trucks, making it a popular place to fill bellies when enjoying the district.